With 2good2toss.com, arranging an exchange is quick and easy. Just an email or phone call can get you started.

Browse listings. Find desired materials by individual or multiple categories. Ask for email notification when new items in your category(s) of interest are posted.

Post your own listings. Register and establish a user name and password to protect your listings from unwanted changes.

Make an exchange. When you find an interesting posting, just enter your name, email address and zip code. You'll be given instant access to contact information. Make contact, negotiate a price, and arrange for pickup or delivery!

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What is 2Good2Toss?

2good2toss.com is Washington's online exchange for reusable building materials and household items. The objective of the site is to facilitate the recycling and repurposing of materials and items that would otherwise be disposed at Washington state landfills and waste to energy facilities, in addition to promoting an important environmental ethic.

You can post listings of items and materials you wish to get rid of or browse for those currently available in your area. Each listing contains a description of the materials along with a name and telephone number and any cost or delivery information. The actual exchange transactions are carried out directly between the interested parties.

Keep in mind, since there is a limit to the length of time a material listing can be posted, it pays to visit the site often. Help spread the word!