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15 Books for the Curious Christian

Box of 15 books—6 hardcovers with dust jackets, and 9 softcovers. Good to very good condition (1 is acceptable), stored in non-smoking home. I am asking only $30 to cover all 15 books (that is less than $2.50 per HC and $1.25 per softcover).

I live in the Yelm-Rainier area and can also meet you in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Tenino, or McKenna.

Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas. HC, 2003. “Those who are moved by religion but who find that they can no longer accept the official doctrines of their church will find this marvelous book a source of inspiration and hope.” ISBN 0375501568.

Evolution and Christian Faith: Reflections of an Evolutionary Biologist. HC, 2006. “Combining lucid evolutionary reasoning with personal faith…builds a remarkable bridge across the cultural chasm between science and faith…an inspiring accommodation between thoughtful science and compassionate religion.” ISBN 1597260983.

Jesus Against the Rapture: Seven Unexpected Prophecies. PB, 1979; all pages intact but 1 section separated from binding. “The end-is-near doomsayers are here disputed.” “In seven vivid New Testament studies…demonstrates what Jesus really had to say about the end of the world as we know it.” ISBN 0664242537.

Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls. PB, 1992. “A renegade scholar’s revelation of how the Scrolls disclose Jesus’ real-life story as encoded in the Gospels.” ISBN 0060682868.

Jesus: A Life. PB, 1992. “…acclaimed biographer…overturns long-cherished legends about every aspect of Jesus’ life…identifies eyewitness details that ring true, points out obvious inconsistencies, and separates the invented, the myth, and the unprovable.” ISBN 0449908070.

Lost Christianity: A Journey of Rediscovery to the Center of Christian Experience. PB (mass market size), 1980. “…odyssey back to ancient texts, to monasteries, to cathedrals…to find the ‘lost’ contemplative tradition of early Christianity…the pure energy of the soul which transforms the human heart and mind.” ISBN 055320713X.

Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why, HC, 2005. “How mistakes and changes shaped the Bible we read today.” ISBN 0060738170.

One Jesus, Many Christs: The Truth About Christian Origins. HC, 1997. “How Jesus inspired not one true Christianity, but many.” ISBN 0060667990.

Paul: Follower of Jesus or Founder of Christianity? PB, 1995. “…a strong case that Paul was a follower of the Christ, not a founder of Christianity.” ISBN 0802801242.

Reading Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity. HC, 2007. “An important step by a renowned scholar in the continuing and painful process of opening up the infinite varieties of Christianity to those who struggle with faith.” ISBN 978070038459.

The Lost Gospel Q: The Original Sayings of Jesus. HC, 1996. “…of great interest and importance because it is the first Christian Gospel…significantly earlier than the four Gospels of the New Testament.” “Previously known only to scholars, it contains the original words of Jesus.” ISBN 1569751005.

The Messianic Legacy. PB (mass market size), 1989. “The controversial sequel to the bestselling Holy Blood, Holy Grail.” “Startling new evidence about Jesus Christ and a secret society still influential today!” “…an enlightening message of truth—and urgent importance—to Christians and non-Christians the world over.” ISBN 0440203198.

The Myth of Certainty: The Reflective Christian and the Risk of Commitment.” PB, 1999. “An important book for all Christians, especially those who harbor secret doubts about some of what they’ve been led to believe is Truth.” “…demonstrates clearly how much the world and the church need question askers.” ISBN 0830822372.

The Other Bible, PB, 1984. For the 1st time in 1 volume: Ancient esoteric texts including Jewish Pseudepihrapha, Christian Apocrypha, Gnostic Scriptures. ISBN 0062500309.

Who Killed Jesus? Exposing the Roots of Anti-Semitism in the Gospel Story of The Death of Jesus. PB, 1996. “A book sure to generate both conversation and controversy…Well argued and highly readable.” “…anyone who likes a good mystery will love this book.” ISBN 0060614803.

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Posted: October 20, 2018, 8:10 pm
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15 Books for the Curious Christian15 Books for the Curious Christian