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 • Recycle With KBK at Home
    Tips to Recycle at Home
 • Shoe Repair
    Repair instead of replacing
 • Swapstyle
    Fashion Swap Site
 • Waste Prevention Tips
    Waste Prevention Tips from CalRecycle

Reuse Sites

 • 1-800-RECYCLE
    Locate Nearby Recycling Opportunities
 • Craigslist
 • Freecycle
    King County Industrial Material Exchange

Green Lifestyle Resources

 • Built Green
 • Center for a New American Dream
    More of What Matters
 • FuelEconomy.gov
    US EPA
 • Green Consumerism
    Sustainable Business Concepts
 • Greener Choices
    Consumer Reports
 • Home Recycling & Composting
    Good general information from Home Advisor
 • Reduce Waste
    Waste Prevention Tips from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
 • Tree Hugger
    Environmental Web Magazine

Classified Ads

 • Little Nickel
    Online Classified Ad Site

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