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Recyclopedia: Glass


Buy returnable (reusable) glass bottles whenever possible. Glass bottles that canít be reused may be placed in your blue box. Clear is the most valuable. Lids can go with metal. Glass of other kinds -- light bulbs, mirrors, ceramics, drinking glasses, window glass, crystal and Pyrex -- should never be put in your Blue Box or depot container. To dispose of these forms of glass properly, please carefully place pieces inside a cardboard box, tape the box closed, plainly mark the box ďglass" and put out with your garbage. Itís a good idea to buy Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs instead of Incandescent Bulbs. The CF Bulbs last 7 times as long as the incandescent, and save a huge amount of energy. Remember, Reuse is better than Recycling in terms of energy use. Some Reuse Options: Some local make-your-own wine and beer stores will accept many bottles for re-use. Some bulk/Health food stores accept drop offs of a limited number of jars to be reused (be sure to call ahead). More information about Glass and Glass Recycling is available from the Glass Packaging Institute-a glass industry association. http://www.gpi.org/recycling/