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Toy Rescue Mission

Wanted: Toys, Games, Puzzles, and Children's Books
Toy Rescue Mission’s purpose is to refurbish and recycle gently-used toys and such items for disadvantaged children and seniors in care-facilities, while providing meaningful volunteer opportunities for the young-at-heart.

We are always in need of good used toys (that can be cleaned and repaired), books, stuffed animals, games, and puzzles, and of course, new toys. We serve children from 0 to 15. Our biggest need is for teens 11-15. We seem to have problems getting things and books for the teens. And we ALWAYS need volunteers to do the work.

Toys…though not a basic life need (i.e. food, shelter, clothing) are the TOOLS that children need to carry out their all-important task of playing. The act of playing is as important to a child’s emotional and mental development and well-being as food and shelter are to their physical well-being.

Our work is child’s play; won’t you come and play with us?

Since TRM is not affiliated with any particular group or organization, donations of toys, supplies and monetary contributions help ensure the continued growth and success of this program.
(253) 460-6711
607 S. Winnifred St.