2Good2Toss Network
Rules & Policies

Pierce Tacoma 2Good2Tossprovides a free service for schools, higher education, governments, businesses, contractors, service clubs, non-profits, etc to flow unneeded items and materials to others who can reuse or recycle them.

Everyone in the community is welcome to use the service.

Almost any type of item or material used in the sectors above can be listed, with some exceptions.

Unacceptable Items

The following shall NOT be allowed (but is not limited to)

  • Products whose use or possession is illegal in Washington state
  • Sexually explicit materials or materials that contain threatening language
  • Alcohol or drug related material
  • Potentially hazardous products such as chemicals or weapons.�

Buyer Beware

2good2toss sponsors provide listing services only. Goods should be fully inspected by individuals before acceptance. Sellers are advised to accept cash, or receive adequate assurances that payment terms will be completed as agreed upon by both parties. Site sponsors take no responsibility for transactions or quality of goods received.

Statement of Non-Liability

Information provided through 2good2toss is supplied by the listing party. Neither Pierce County, Washington and the City of Tacoma, nor participating jurisdictions, their contractors, nor any advisor, agent, or employee thereof is liable for any information, error or representation, nor any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information regarding materials, services, products, or equipment offered through 2good2toss.

Pierce County, Washington and the City of Tacoma and participating jurisdictions shall have no responsibility for, nor liability resulting from operation or administration of the web site, or for harm or damages caused by, or resulting from items listed on the web site.