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Itís not all trash! Lewis County encourages its customers to consider alternatives to disposal. Check with one of the businesses listed below to see if what you want to dispose could be re-used and passed on to someone new and used for another purpose. If you are in a rush or canít connect with one of these businesses, Lewis County is offering, as a pilot project now through the end of June, the Re-use Center in the Recycling Area at the transfer station in Centralia.

Re-usable building supplies and household items that meet the Re-use Center Coordinatorís approval can be dropped off during designated hours and offered to others for free. No electronic equipment or clothing accepted!

The ReUse Center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
in the Recycling Area at the Central Transfer Station, 1411 S. Tower Ave., Centralia.

Northwest Tub Company
113 N. Tower (showroom)
(360) 880-5672

This company typically specializes in older materials (from 1975 and earlier). Workers can make old sheds out of siding and windows from old buildings and has people looking for old tubs, sinks and single-pane windows. If it looks like trash to you, it may be a treasure in this shop.

New Life Home Supply203 W. Reynolds Ave.
(360) 736-9558 Ext. 113

This Reliable Enterprises partner accepts tax-deductible donations of newer building materials in good conditions as well as household items. They welcome the following materials in good condition: cabinets, doors, hardware, tile, tools, window blinds, unbroken bricks, sinks, carpet, vanities, flooring and many more items.

Visiting Nurses Thrift Shop
222 S. Pearl
(360) 623-1562

Visiting Nurses Thrift Shop
749 South Market Boulevard
(360) 345-1525

Centralia Goodwill
519 Harrison Avenue
(360) 736-3828

Growing Places Second Harvest Thrift
515 Harrison Ave.
(360) 736-0575

All businesses listed have the right to refuse items that do not meet the criteria for their re-use programs!