2Good2Toss Network
Organization Profile

The Arc of Grays Harbor

Accepts clean, usable clothing, household items, running cars, trucks and RV's
They accept: all clothing and clothing accessories such as hats, scarves, underwear and the like; All personal accessories; Shoes
Toys; dishes; pots; puzzles; vases and other glassware; stuffed animals; wicker baskets; pictures and picture frames;Sports equipment;
Books; magazines; records; tapes; CDs; videos and DVDs; computer software;ONLY small furniture that one driver can lift will be accepted.
They do not accept:Computers or televisions; Weapons;
Hazardous waste such as batteries, cleaning chemicals and poisons; Construction Materials such as wood, pipes, doors and tubs;
Flammable products such as gas cans, propane containers, BBQs, gas lawnmowers and gas trimmers; Large Appliances;
Automobile parts or Food

Donors need to call 1-800-826-4310 to arrange to have their items picked up.
(800) 826-4310
2700 Simpson Ave Suite 202