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AvailableAvailable: Service to senior citizens who want to remain mobile (bicycle)

This is an in search of ad or wanted ad looking for a Twin Bicycle Carrier Basket to give away to senior citizens in need .Read further.....

I need you to hold that thought in your head for a moment in my seeking a Twin Bicycle Carrier Basket! (picture included). This S*I*N*G*L*E* item on an elderly persons bike might make all of the difference in their quality of life in remaining Mobile to operate for a few more years getting much needed exercise.....and complete tasks which are mentally uplifting. Its a unbelievable boost to some of these people in the twilight of their lives. Do you have one of these just sitting on a shop bench doing nothing? Or on a bike no longer being used or wrecked? Or you would love to get in on helping out a folk or two in giving back to a senior person or person in need? I am not insisting on a hand out...I will pay for it out of my pocket if you have one if its reasonably priced....you can get one on Ebay today free shipping for a shade over $34 shiny new. This is my goal to obtain this product and install them acc'd to need and i have a few candidates already without(their) having to shell out $35 40 or $50 while living on a fixed income like I an many Americans do thus they shop garage sales etc. to get many of their items they need...in a lotta instances that just is not going to do it for their budget and they go without despite the immense need for it.

Inexplicably we have no direct avenue on Marketplace and these other Shop and Swap outlets that let us buy sell trade our various items to seek an ad that harkens a "WANTED" item... so this is my struggle. I have wore alot of hats in my life from Grocery Clerk to Navy Aircraft carrier Soldier (on the USS Nimitz) to when i got back an "A" machine Operator in a assembly line setting at a Machine shop and Berry processor(Ocean Spray Cranberries Factory) or Cedar Block cutter...my final job was in home caregiver cuz the company was interested specifically in "My Sex".They had a client who was insanely jealous of women bathing an old decrepit former WWII Army man. So if i had an Adams apple i was going to get hired!I did that for 8 yrs and one quote that was thrown out at me had all of the wisdom in the world is in that each SS Citizen that graces our lives is like having a specialty LIBRARY AT YOUR DISPOSAL....AS EACH PERSON IS ENRICHED IN THE LIFES EXPERINCES THING @ the knowledge he /she has obtained to share with you...Look at my list i just shared with you in all i did to contribute to the tax base of this country during my working life. These people as they age deserve dignity thrown at them. So here is my Dilemma.... i have a man who is a former serviceman and can gingerly ride a bike...he needs a Twin Bicycle Carrier Basket installed on his bike.......this will allow him to shop...to carry books to the Library. I put $1 on my ad but I will pay for this out of my pocket(if it is reasonable) if you would just contact me via my cell which is 360~743~1680(David). or post me here. PLEASE Consider it if you have one lying around. Thanks.

Twin Bicycle Carrier Basket...even a single basket would be helpful...on eBay they start at $11for the single and #34 for the double....God Bless!

Category: Bicycles
Asking Price: $1.00
Posted: January 2, 2019, 11:11 pm
Renewed On: March 21, 2019, 9:45 pm
City: Aberdeen

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Service to senior citizens who want to remain mobile (bicycle)Service to senior citizens who want to remain mobile (bicycle)Service to senior citizens who want to remain mobile (bicycle)
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