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Recyclopedia: Light Bulbs and Tubes

Light Bulbs and Tubes

Regular incandescent light bulbs go in the garbage.

Compact fluorescent bulbs "CFL's"and tubes contain mercury and can be hazardous when broken. 

As of January 1, 2015, Washington State residents can now recycle fluorescent lights and other mercury-containing lights at no charge. Individuals and businesses can drop off up to 10 mercury-containing lights per day for recycling.

LightRecycle Washington is funded by an Environmental Handling Charge or “EHC”. An EHC of $0.25 per light will be added to all mercury-containing lights sold at retail in Washington State.

For more information go to www.lightrecyclewa.org


Disposal Options:

Swain's General Store
Mercury Light Recycling


Thurman Supply
Mercury Light Recycling


Around Again - Port Angeles
Building Supplies and Furniture


Around Again-Sequim
Used Furniture and Building Materials

(360) 670-7862