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Recyclopedia: Car Seats for Kids

Car Seats for Kids

No recycling at this time in Clallam County.  There are collection locations in King County:



Please do not re-use. The following information was submitted by Nancy Martin:

Safe Kids Coalition, sponsored by the Olympic Kiwanis Club of P.A. fits car seats for parents in many events around the community. We talk with parents about the dangers of purchasing used car seats. If there has been a car accident and the seat was installed in the car, then the seat has basically lost all of its safety features. Straps may have been stretched, broken, clasps may have been damaged. This may not be evident by simplylooking at the seat.

The second reason is that almost daily, car seats are recalled by the Consumer Protection Safety Commission and pulled from store shelves. Used seats would have to be checked for recall notification. A job that you probably don't want. Most thrift stores have voluntarily agreed to not sell used seats because of the above reasons. Used car seats probably do not meet new safety requirements. Any seat over 6 years old definitely does notmeet standards. We encourage parents to simply throw away car seats that are used or the child has outgrown.



From the Earth 911 website:

  1. Car Seats Expire – Yes, car seats have expiration dates. Due to their exposure to extreme conditions (like heat and sun), the plastic from which they are constructed generally degrades in five to six years. All car seats have expiration date stickers on them.
  2. Car Seats Can’t Be Used After Accidents – This is why car seat reuse isn’t a popular option, since potential buyers are often unsure if a seat has been in a collision, which could weaken the safety structures in the seat.






www.recalls.gov to inquire about any recalls or safety notices on child safety seats. Avoid purchasing safety seats from yard sales, flea markets and second hand stores or when there is no known history of theseat. (From the Safe Kids Coalition website)