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Welcome to the City of Port Angeles and Clallam County 2good2toss waste exchange, your online marketplace for reusable materials and household items. This is a great resource to save you money and time while keeping valuable items from going to the landfill/transfer station.

The intent of the site is to provide an avenue for exchanging reusable materials that might otherwise be disposed or thrown away. It shall not be used for the sale of retail products or services by for-profit individuals or businesses. The site is intended for not-for-profit users with surplus materials.

Do not sell locally grown or wild harvested food on this site. Instead use this website:http://pa.locallygrown.net/

All listings must be $99 or less, including "for free". We do not accept listings for live animals, weapons or ammunition, hazardous materials, or sexually explicit materials.
Please, no more than 20 listings per member at one time.

Please remove the item as soon as it is sold or exchanged. The system will automatically ask you to remove it after 90 days.

To sign in and create a listing...

1. Register as a member using the Create Account icon at the top of the page. We will send you a password by email. It takes from 2-10 minutes to reach you.

2. Sign in as a registered user with your assigned password. Once registered you may change your password to something easy to remember.

3. Click the Post Listing icon at the top of the page.

Tip: Clicking the Help icon will give you a how-to guide.

Tip: Clicking the Feedback icon allows you to email the administrator.

Use photos to attract attention! Photo files must be JPG or PNG and no larger than 512 KB. After entering all the information for the listing, the system will ask if you have a photo and then will allow you to browse your computer to select it.

Help spread the word by using the Tell-a-Friend icon at the top of the page. I can also send you a flyer that you can post at your work or club.

We encourage you to use this site for large houshold items and used builidng materials. Use a photo with your listing to increase interest (but not required).

For smaller items and clothing, consider selling them at local resale shops or donate to charities. Check the "Local Stores" under "News" for items accepted.

If you are looking for other ways to prevent and reduce waste and recycle materials, please contact us. Happy shopping and many successful exchanges.

2good2toss Administrator