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AvailableAvailable: Apple (or other produce) Trays

I have been picking these up from a local store to use for storing apples and other produce through the winter, but I think I have more than I need.  They are super useful for packing produce, whether apples, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, or whatever you want to store.  I have also used them for drying herbs and things in the summer.

If you are interested, please say how many you would want.  If you want a lot, and are willing to give me some kind of thank you for picking them up from the store, I will give you preference... and maybe even keep picking them up for you!

Category: Moving and packing materials
Asking Price: FREE!
Posted: October 14, 2020, 9:21 pm
Renewed On: March 15, 2021, 2:14 am

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Apple (or other produce) TraysApple (or other produce) Trays
ID #: 478649