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Recyclopedia: Pallets


Pallets are used to transport products efficiently with minimal damage to goods. According to some studies, wood pallets make-up approximately 3% of total garbage. Alternatives to Wood Pallets Use durable, reusable and collapsible pallets made from plastic, wire mesh or other materials. The purchase cost for these pallets is often more expensive, but over the long term they reduce costs with each return trip. Minimize Wood Pallet Waste Rebuild and reuse pallets. Half of all wood pallets are designed for one ‘trip’ use, but many pallets are durable enough to make multiple ‘trips’. Reuse pallets in good condition and send broken pallets for repair. See Wood Pallet Rebuilders and Repair for businesses that repair and rebuild pallets. Consider leasing pallets. Pallets are repaired by the leasing company and reused by a network of businesses. Recycle pallets that are damaged beyond repair. Scrap wood from pallets can be processed into landscape mulch, animal bedding, compost and other products. We are looking for information on businesses that process non-reusable scrap wood.