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Recyclopedia: Furniture


We go through a lot of furniture. It would be a good idea to design furniture so that we could continue to refurbish and repair it, instead of throwing the whole thing out. (There is no “out". It all stays here on earth in holes in the ground, or sent in the air in incinerator gases and particulates). Instead of buying new furniture, consider having your existing furniture repaired, cleaned or refinished (or perhaps just a touch up and some paste wax). Some of you can do it yourself. Or look in the Yellow Pages under “Upholsterers" and under our Reuse Businesses section on this website. Also, a number of area stores buy, sell or handle consignment lots of furniture, from simple functional items to valuable antiques. Please be sure to call ahead for details. Consider buying good, used, classy furniture instead of modern, chipboard furniture. A list of furniture repair businesses may be found on this website under: Reuse Businesses. Please let us know if you are, or know of a furniture repair or re-upholstery business, or a business that sells good used furniture.