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A to B Vehicle Removal Services

Tow Away Junk/Unwanted Cars
This is a FREE service! We pay YOU for your junk car, unwanted car, non-running car and abandoned cars, trucks, or vans. We have a fleet of tow trucks that can be dispatched to your location usually within 24 hours. If you want it gone we handle it. If you want it to disappear we have junk magicians.

If you have a complete vehicle titled in your name we will pay you $100 cash upon pick up and haul it away. A vehicle is considered complete as long as there are no major body parts missing and has the wheels & tires on it. If you have a vehicle that is not titled or registered in your name we can assist you with the affidavit in lieu of title and will pay you $80 cash upon pick up. If you have an abandoned vehicle we can assist you with the abandoned vehicle process and will pay you $70 cash upon pick up. The $70 - $80 is to cover the documentation fees for additional forms and filing.

We cannot pick up boats, motorcycles, RV trailers or motor homes. We pick up cars, small to large trucks and vans.

All vehicles are taken to a scrap yard for recycling.

Each year, the Auto Parts Business recycles hundreds of thousands of vehicles at facilities located across the U.S. and Canada . In the process, we provide owners with a hassle-free way to dispose of and get value for their vehicles. We also help communities and the environment by removing abandoned vehicles from your home & neighborhood streets. Lastly, we promote sustainability by recycling auto parts removed from the vehicles and recycling steel and other materials that remain for use in new products.

The vehicles we pick up are processed into raw scrap metal by sorting, shearing, shredding, torching and baling. The resulting processed metal is used by steel mills and foundries domestically and around the world to produce finished steel and other metal products. Through recycling, millions of tons of material find new uses each year.
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