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Listing: Two Ricoh KR30 SLR film cameras


1 camera has problems and needs repair but at the time this came up, I had already switched to trying digital so didn't have it repaired. Could be used as parts for the #2 camera if not repairable. The #2 camera needs to have internal film winder fixed. Not too expensive I understand. The Lens for these cameras is a 28-70 and works with both camera bodies. The Lens is a bayonet mount. These cameras both have their own auto winders and there is a quick release cable which works with both. Both cameras also have a hotshoe for use with the  Ricoh XR Speedlite 300P flash unit that is included.  These cameras took beautiful, clear, sharp pics whether on manual or auto settings.  Manuals for the flash unit, the cameras and the lens are included as well as film carriers to keep your film clean and away from light after shooting. 

The enclosed pic shows two extra lenses that are not included. Only the one 28-70 lens is included

$60 OBO.. the lens, camera winders, quick release and flash unit are worth that alone

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Cell#:  360-268-3251   or Email:  cdcalhoun@comcast.net


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